Akhil Jalan

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I am a fourth-year computer science PhD student at UT Austin, co-advised by Deepayan Chakrabarti and Purnamrita Sarkar. I am affiliated with the Institute for Emerging Core Methods in Data Science (EnCORE), the Institute for Foundations of Machine Learning (IFML) , and the Cultivated Meat Modeling Consortium (CMMC).

Research interests: I am generally interested in statistics and applied mathematics, and am particularly motivated by their application to an emerging food technology called cellular agriculture. See this page for some of my ongoing work on alternative proteins and cellular agriculture.

I earned a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley in May 2019. I have worked in a variety of areas previously, including computational complexity, discrete dynamical systems, algorithmic fairness, and controls theory.

Papers by topic

Organized reverse-chronologically by subsection.

Optimization and Controls

Incentive-Aware Models of Dynamic Financial Networks
Akhil Jalan, Deepayan Chakrabarti, Purnamrita Sarkar.
Preprint, 2022.

Too Many Fairness Metrics: Is There a Solution?
Swati Gupta, Akhil Jalan, Gireeja Ranade, Helen Yang, Simon Zhuang.
Ethics of Data Science 2020.
[Conference paper: Ethics of Data Science 2020]
[Lightning talk: Mechanism Design for Social Good 2020]
[Poster Session: Mechanism Design for Social Good 2020]

Some New Numeric Results Concerning the Witsenhausen Counterexample
Vignesh Subramanian, Laura Brink, Nikunj Jain, Kailas Vodrahalli, Akhil Jalan, Nikhil Shinde, Anant Sahai.
Allerton 2018.
[Conference Paper: Allerton 2018]

Theoretical Computer Science

Extractors for Images of Varieties
Zeyu Guo, Ben Lee Volk, Akhil Jalan, David Zuckerman.
55th ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC) 2023.

Near-Optimal Cayley Expanders for Abelian Groups
Akhil Jalan, Dana Moshkovitz.
FSTTCS 2021.
[Conference Paper: FSTTCS 2021]
[Talk: FSTTCS 2021]

Graph theory

A Cheeger Inequality for Small Set Expansion
Akhil Jalan.
Preprint, 2023.

The Structure of the Sandpile Group
Akhil Jalan.
[Bachelor's Thesis: UC Berkeley 2019]


My Erdos number is 3 (calculate yours here).

My NCBI taxonomy ID is 9606.

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